If you own a car and want to work from home, then you can start earning extra cash every week performing drive-by property surveys & inspections.

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We've assembled a little resource page to keep you informed on what's new in the world of field inspectors. Field Inspectors are in demand!

With foreclosures on the rise, the demand for field inspectors is hotter than ever. Courtesy of CNN Money and RealtyTrac, we've put together a 2007 and 2008 map of ongoing foreclosure records. We know that foreclosures only represent a small portion of the field inspection services list, but it's one of today's most requested services and a great way for newcomers to build relationsips and earn trust with these large corporations. Remember, this isn't all about making a million bucks, it's about working to earn the extra money you feel you deserve!

Gas prices are going up & so are the inspection fees you can charge!

Gas prices are going up. Regular gas is close to $4 per gallon in many states if not higher. Diesel is over $4.50 in Louisiana.

On March 19th we read about an ad where the firm was paying $25-$35 an hour for a field service inspector. Another ad was for $90 for a check of a VIN on four vehicles. Many other ads have been posted this week in the $25-$60 range. The highest fee was $165. Commercial loss control inspections requiring some experience were paying $70-$125. The large majority of inspections require no experience. About 99% of inspections require no license and 98% require no insurance... Are you ready to make some extra money? Get Started Now!

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