If you own a car and want to work from home, then you can start earning extra cash every week performing drive-by property surveys & inspections.

Field Inspection Service Types

There are hundreds of opportunities waiting for you. We direct you to the information and resources you need to get started today!

Your inspection assignments are usually classified in one of three groups: residential, insurance, and commercial. Commercial inspections pay the highest fees but usually take a little longer to perform. Insurance related services follow in at a short second. Residential mortgage inspection fees are the lowest but make up with their frequency and availability. Do you want to know how many foreclosures are in your state?

Support as well as the forms you need to complete these assignments are all provided to you. No licenses, insurance or specialized tools are needed for you to start performing 98% of these tasks. All you need is direction and a little guidance to get you on the right path. Have a look around and download our "Amazingly Simple Start-Up Guide" to get your new career on the fast track.

Residential Property Inspections

Rank Service Type Fees
1 Occupancy Verification Residential Yes
2 Delinquency Interview Residential Yes
3 Foreclosure Inspection Residential Yes
4 Bankruptcy Inspection Residential Yes
6 Sale Date Inspection Residential Yes
7 Insurance Loss Inspection Residential Yes
8 Neighborhood Information Profile Residential Yes
9 Construction Progress Report Residential Yes

Commercial Surveys/ Inspections

Rank Service Type Fees
1 Photo Inspections Commercial Yes
2 Physical Facilities Inspection Commercial Yes
3 Merchant Account Site Verification Commercial Yes
4 Retail Outlet Verification Commercial Yes
5 Coupon Redemption Inspections Commercial Yes

Automotive Field Services

Rank Service Type Fees
1 Vehicle Delinquency Reviews Automotive Yes
2 Classic Vehicle Finance Inspections Automotive Yes
3 Vehicle Address Verification Automotive Yes
4 Vehicle Location Survey Automotive Yes