If you own a car and want to work from home, then you can start earning extra cash every week performing drive-by property surveys & inspections.

10 Reasons Why!

We know that every opportunity has reasons why it’s great. We’ve put together a list of what we feel are the top ten reasons getting started in your new career as a field services rep. While there are hundreds of good reasons we encourage you to explore the potential that makes this opportunity so powerful fo your situation. Need some part-time? How about full-time? Trying to save for that new plasma television, vacation, car or even a house? How about helping with school tuition, offsetting the costs of rising gas prices? Whatever the reason may be, working from home in your own feild inspection services business is one way to reach your goals.

The Top Ten

  1. The most common inspection jobs are “drive-by property surveys” often requiring less than ten minutes to complete.
  2. Most of the property surveys are very simple visual, non structural inspections that needs no special licensing or prior experience.
  3. No special equipment is needed to perform most of these simple surveys. Most inspections can be done using a tape measure, camera, and a clipboard.
  4. No expensive office space needed. Most of your work will be handle in the comfort of your own car.
  5. You can finally have peace of mind knowing that your income and job is secure, matter where you are and regardelss of what happens to the national economy.
  6. Major national coroporations called provider companies are in constnat need for your services. They will send you assignments and work with you offering support and assistance whenever you may needed.
  7. You’re paid directly after each inspection or survey is completed.
  8. This business is hassle-free: No selling. No inventory. No employees.
  9. Since provider companies come directly to you with your assignments, you can choose to accept as many or as few as you’d like.
  10. You’re in control, you’re your own boss!